Road, Touring, Flat Bars, Hybrid, Dual Sport, Mountain and Electric

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Road Bikes (racers) – Very light, very fast – but you are focused on tarmac – great for fitness training.

Flat Bars – Based on a road bike, but with flat handle bars and brakes/ gears shifters set on the bars like a mountain bike – for those who want a light bike but do not like the drop bar riding position.

Mountain Bike – Like it says on the tin – great for going up and down mountains – rugged with low gears for the purpose. A whole science in itself, 650B 26″, 29ers, full sus.

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Dual Sport Bikes – If a Hybrid is a 50/50 bike between road and off-road, then the dual sport bike is a 65/35 in favour of rougher terrain.

Hybrid – Probably our biggest seller. A hybrid between an on-road bike and an off road bike. So it can do light off road use, reasonable tracks and trails. Not for bumping into tree roots and into pot holes, but lighter than a mountain bike and a broader range of gears for general purpose cycling.